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A link with many algorithms

See if this helps you

Use some translator

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asked 20 Sep '14, 20:16

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Some of the links are too cliche, but I am still including them for sake of completeness.

  1. - It's all codes only though. No explanation of what's happening. Also, the codes are all in Java. Regardless, it's quite a collection.
  2. Top Coder Tutorials
  3. Wikipedia List of Algorithms - We won't be needing them all. But it's good to have a general idea of all the available algorithms.
  4. - Most of my knowledge about geometry comes from this site. Always prefer vector geometry over anything else provided.

I think I knew few more sites with good contents. I am not at my pc now, so can't check the bookmarks. I will update the answer later.


answered 20 Sep '14, 20:58

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